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5 Places to visit in Olmsted Falls

1. Olmsted Falls Police Station – In case of an emergency policemen can help you.  You will also get to see police cars and ambulance.

2. Falls Ice cream – In the summer you can get refreshing ice cream, my favorite flavor is buckeye blitz.  They also have a really cool old train that you can check out.

3.  The splash pad and basketball courts at the park – In the summer the splash pad will cool you off, the water shoots straight out of the ground.  The park also has full court basketball in the summer the court gets hot so make sure you wear your shoes.

4.  Moosehead Restaurant – The food is outstanding and it use to be a fire station.  My favorite decoration is the old giant water pump that firemen used in the past to put out fires.

5.  Uncle John’s Plant Farm – I bought a tree from there once that I planted in my backyard.  Its cool because they have greenhouses to grow their own plants.